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We raise Freedom Ranger chickens, an active robust breed, which is eager to free range and forage in pastures.  They like to peck at bugs, scratch through grasses, and roost at night rather than just sit in front of the feed bowl all day. 


These more natural habits produce a more tender meat than conventional fast-growing breeds.


Our chickens are raised in our mobile chicken tractors right here in Huntertown. They are moved 1-2 times per day where they are given the ability to forage the fields, but still protected from predators. We supplement our chickens with an organic, soy and corn free feed. 

Whole Free Range Chicken

  • If you are interested in pre-ordering a whole chicken, please go to the Contact Us page or call us at 260-715-2888. 

    All whole chicken orders will be available to be picked up directly from our farm in Huntertown.  Order pickup information will be provided within 5 business days of placing your order.

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