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Several years ago our family turned to nutrition as one avenue to treat health issues that were not being helped through western medicine.

How our meat was raised and its contribution to our health became our focus.  To ensure the utmost of the meat, we decided to try raising our own.

How We Raise Our Chickens

Our egg laying hens are completely free ranging on the farm. They have access to a coop at night, but spend their day foraging the fields, the woods, and the horses’ paddock! They have access to a corn-free, soy-free, organic feed if they choose.

Our meat chickens are a heritage breed chicken, the Freedom Ranger. We raise these birds in mobile chicken “tractors” that are moved 1-2 times a day to allow the chickens to naturally forage the grasses and bugs but stay protected from predators.


Their natural foraging behavior produces meat that is tastier and has more nutrient dense diversity than straight grain-fed chickens. They are supplemented with an organic, corn-free, soy-free food.

cattle grazing.png

We started with 30 chickens. 4 pigs, and 4 cows on our farm in Huntertown, Indiana. Through this process, we began researching regenerative farming and developed a passion for healing our soil and raising nutrient dense food in the animals’ most natural environment.


Ours cows are born, raised, and prepared in Huntertown.  They live on pasture fields year round, never confined indoors, and feed on 100% grass and hay their entire lives.


Our fields are never treated with any pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, and we only use our animals and nature’s selection of plants to heal our soil.


We have a passion to provide you with meat that comes from animals living their lives in the low-stress environment which God intended, and giving us a product that is beyond organically raised and nutrient-dense.


How We Raise Our Cattle

Our cows live their entire lives on our farm in Huntertown Indiana. Born in our fields, raised by their mothers, feeding on our pastures and hay year round, and never confined indoors.


They are never fed any type of grain or filler feed of any kind, and never vaccinated or given antibiotics. They lead a very low stress life, rotating through our 200 acres of organically managed pasture on a daily basis.

How We Raise Our Pigs

Our pigs are raised on pasture and never confined indoors, once weaned from their mother.


They are supplemented with an organic, corn-free, soy-free food and also given chemical free fruits and veggies, our own organically raised eggs and grass-fed raw milk!


They spend their days forging, sleeping in the sun and shade, and digging themselves mud holes to cool off in the summer heat.

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