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We have approximately 50 hives of honey bees located in the center of our organic managed, regenerative farm in Huntertown, Indiana.


Although not officially certified organic, bees only travel as far as needed to source their food.  They reside in the center of 200 acres of organically managed pasture land filled with native species of grasses, clovers, trees, and flowers.


Unlike bees raised in single species environments, exposing bees to a wide variety of plant species increases the nutritional and medicinal value of their honey.


If you are interested in larger quantities please reach out to us.


Price includes jar.

All Natural Local Honey

1 Pound
  • All honey orders will be available to be picked up directly from our farm in Huntertown.  Order pickup information will be provided within 5 business days of placing your order.

    You'll also have an opportunity to see the beehives where the honey was actually made!

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