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Our beef is raised 100% on our farm from birth, spending 365 days a year in our fields in Huntertown. We rotationally graze our cattle, moving them on a daily basis to new grasses.


They even spend the winter free ranging in fields, never confined indoors, eating winter grasses or our own organically managed hay.


Our cattle are never vaccinated, given antibiotics or growth hormones. They are not fed any grain products, supplemental feed, or filler products of any kind. They are born and raised on fields in Huntertown, which are regeneratively managed to create the most nutrient dense beef available.


Our beef is priced at $6.50/lb hanging weight plus your customized butchering cost.

Hanging weight is the weight once the steer has been slaughtered and organs, blood, hide, head, and feet have been removed, it is not the weight of the beef cuts you take home. 

Hanging weights will range approximately from 500 lbs to 650 lbs for a whole beef, 125 lbs to 165lbs for a ¼ beef.  


Custom butchering costs will range approximately between $125-$150 per ¼ beef, $250-$300 per ½ beef and $450-$500 per whole beef depending on your specialty selections.  All amounts are ESTIMATES and may vary depending on butchering availability.


This deposit reserves you APPROXIMATELY 80-90 lbs of meat. This will include 45 lbs of ground beef and 45 lbs of premium cuts such as ribs, roasts, & steaks.

Deposit amount is APPROXIMATELY 50% of the total due. 


The remaining balance will be due prior to pickup.  You will be contacted prior to butchering to finalize dates. 


Please contact us with any questions.

Deposit - 1/4 Grass Fed Beef

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