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Regenerative Farming,
     Human Health, and You

Featured Topics

  • What is Regenerative Farming?

  • Environmental Stewardship & Impact

  • Financial Potential & the Bottom Line

  • Nutrient Dense Food & Human Health

  • Open Q & A Panel

Event Details

9:00am - 5:00pm

March 14, 2024

Includes Lunch

Want to know more about Regenerative Farming, and how it impacts our health? 


Check out to the conversation Carry with Lone Tree Farms had with Dr. Caleb Sucui in August​ 2022.

March 14th | 1-day Conference | Purchase Your Tickets Here

Carry Zeigler

  • Event Host

  • Regenerative Farming

Lone Tree Farms invites you to join them at Country Heritage Winery to explore how Regenerative Farming is positively impacting your local community, while driving new market opportunities to maximize profitability throughout the supply chain. Regenerative farming is not only one of the fastest growing movement’s of small to medium size farming operations.   It is also quickly becoming the new gold standard for land management practices.  Focused on building a foundation of healthy soil biome, resulting in outputs that provide superior nutritional density while having direct and tangible positive impacts to human health and wellness.

Luke Jones

  • Environmental Stewardship & Impact

  • The Financial Potential & Bottom Line

My name is Luke Jones. I was born and raised in west central Illinois, and I currently live in Rushville with my wife Jennifer and 3 children; Clara, Elliott, Rhett, and future baby Jones come May/June. We run a diverse operation including production sheep (Australian White), cattle, laying hens, meat birds, and row crops consisting of corn, soybeans, and wheat.  We implement regenerative ag practices on our operation and consider ourselves "not normal" in our area in terms of agriculture production, and we are content with that. I also work as a consultant for Understanding Ag where we offer individual consultation and put on many educational events across the country and abroad.  There is nothing more rewarding than working with the land and implementing practices to work towards restoring land to historical ecological context while staying profitable in production ag. It is my passion to work with producers of all sorts by meeting them where they are and helping them down the path of soil regeneration.  I look forward to sharing our approach on how we implement regenerative agriculture on our farm and how I work with producers to achieve a healthier soil with improved function so that we can restore our #1 resource, THE SOIL!

Todd Cool

  • Nutrient Dense Food

Hello! My name is Todd Cool. I’ve been in this area my entire life; born and raised in Auburn and living in Fort Wayne for the past 30 years. Having a bachelor’s degree in business management from Purdue University, I was inthe manufacturing sector for twenty-six years, reaching the level of vice president of a local industrial supply company. I’ve always been into health and wellness and thought it would be a nice way to do something I enjoy part-time. Honestly, I was content with my career and didn’t think I’d ever leave, to be quite honest. There are so many ailing people out there that are confused, lost, and discouraged. Doctor after doctor has been giving them prescriptions for their symptoms, but not addressing the real underlying issue. Putting band-aids on symptoms isn’t the answer…getting to the root cause(s) is. Our body is beautifully designed and desperately wants to be healthy. If it’s not healthy then it’s most likely epigenetic in nature (genetic predisposition triggered by environment), not genetic. In other words, you are NOT destined to a certain health outcome simply because some health condition “runs in the family” Let’s have that conversation!

Caleb Suicu BIO pic-modified.png

Dr. Caleb Suciu

  • Human Health

Dr. Caleb Suciu has been practicing in Fort Wayne for over 10 years. The last 7 of those 10 years he has been a practicing functional medicine doctor. As his patients' health declined Dr. Caleb knew that the American food source was a primary cause of the diseases he had to treat. Therefore he started a regenerative farm in 2022 in Albion Indiana with the goal to provide medicinal nutrient dense food to his patients.

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